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cCommandProcessor Class Reference

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class  cCommand

Public Member Functions

bool Action (cSelect &Selector)
 cCommandProcessor (cConnection *Connection)

Protected Types

enum  enumState {
  stateNew, stateWelcome, stateReady, stateTerminated,

Protected Member Functions

bool CmdDelete (cCommand &cmd)
bool CmdEditIntItemGetValue (cCommand &cmd, cOsdServerMenuEditIntItem *editobj)
bool CmdEditListItemGetValue (cCommand &cmd, cOsdServerMenuEditListItem *editobj)
bool CmdEditStrItemGetValue (cCommand &cmd, cOsdServerMenuEditStrItem *editobj)
bool CmdEnterLocal (cCommand &cmd)
bool CmdIdle (cCommand &cmd)
bool CmdItemSetCurrent (cCommand &cmd, cOsdServerMenuItem *menuitem)
bool CmdItemSetSelectable (cCommand &cmd, cOsdServerOsdItem *osditem, bool Selectable)
bool CmdItemSetText (cCommand &cmd, cOsdServerOsdItem *osditem)
bool CmdLeaveLocal (cCommand &cmd)
bool CmdMenuAdd (cCommand &cmd, cOsdServerMenu *menu)
bool CmdMenuAddNew (cCommand &cmd, cOsdServerMenu *menu)
bool CmdMenuAddSubMenu (cCommand &cmd, cOsdServerMenu *menu)
bool CmdMenuGetCurrent (cCommand &cmd, cOsdServerMenu *menu)
bool CmdMenuSendState (cCommand &cmd, cOsdServerMenu *menu)
bool CmdMenuSetColorKeyText (cCommand &cmd, cOsdServerMenu *menu)
bool CmdMenuSetColumns (cCommand &cmd, cOsdServerMenu *menu)
bool CmdMenuSetCurrent (cCommand &cmd, cOsdServerMenu *menu)
bool CmdMenuShow (cCommand &cmd, cOsdServerMenu *menu)
bool CmdMenuSleepEvent (cCommand &cmd, int &timeout, cOsdServerMenu *menu)
bool CmdMessage (cCommand &cmd)
bool CmdNew (cCommand &cmd)
bool CmdObjectDelete (cCommand &cmd, cOsdServerObject *osdobj)
bool CmdObjectEnableEvent (cCommand &cmd, cOsdServerObject *osdobj)
bool CmdQuit (cCommand &cmd)
bool CmdVersion (cCommand &cmd)
bool HandleSleepEvent (int &timeout)
cOsdServerMenuEditIntItemNewEditIntItem (cCommand &cmd)
cOsdServerMenuEditListItemNewEditListItem (cCommand &cmd)
cOsdServerMenuEditStrItemNewEditStrItem (cCommand &cmd)
cOsdServerMenuNewMenu (cCommand &cmd)
cOsdServerObjectNewObject (cCommand &cmd)
cOsdServerOsdItemNewOsdItem (cCommand &cmd)
bool ProcessCommand (cCommand &cmd, int &timeout)
bool ProcessEditIntItemCommand (cCommand &cmd, int &timeout, cOsdServerMenuEditIntItem *edititem)
bool ProcessEditListItemCommand (cCommand &cmd, int &timeout, cOsdServerMenuEditListItem *edititem)
bool ProcessEditStrItemCommand (cCommand &cmd, int &timeout, cOsdServerMenuEditStrItem *edititem)
bool ProcessGlobalCommand (cCommand &cmd, int &timeout)
bool ProcessMenuCommand (cCommand &cmd, int &timeout, cOsdServerMenu *menu)
bool ProcessMenuItemCommand (cCommand &cmd, int &timeout, cOsdServerMenuItem *menuitem)
bool ProcessOsdItemCommand (cCommand &cmd, int &timeout, cOsdServerOsdItem *osditem)
bool ProcessOsdObjectCommand (cCommand &cmd, int &timeout, cOsdServerObject *osdobj)
void ProcessUnknown (cCommand &cmd)
void ProcessWelcome (cCommand &cmd, int &timeout)

Protected Attributes

cServerContext BaseContext
timeval SleepEventTimeout
enumState State

Detailed Description

Definition at line 75 of file interpreter.h.

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