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cOsdServerMenuEditListItem Class Reference

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class  cPrivateMenuEditListItem

Public Types

enum  enumClassId {
  clsidMenu, clsidOsdItem, clsidMenuEditStrItem, clsidMenuEditIntItem,

Public Member Functions

template<class T >
T * Cast ()
virtual enumClassId ClassId ()
 cOsdServerMenuEditListItem (const char *Name, int Value, int Max, const char *const *Strings)
virtual void Detach ()
virtual bool EnableEvent (cEvent event)
virtual cOsdItem * GetItem ()
cOsdServerMenuGetMenu ()
int GetValue ()
char * GetValueName ()
virtual bool IsDetached ()
bool IsFocusObject ()
virtual bool IsMenuItem ()
virtual void ItemDetach ()
virtual void ItemUpdate ()
cString Name ()
virtual bool PollEvent (cTriggeredEvent &Event)
void SetFocusObject ()
void TriggerEvent (cOsdServerObject *src, cEvent ev)
void TriggerEvent (cEvent ev)
void UnsetFocusObject ()
virtual void Update ()

Static Public Attributes

static const enumClassId classid = clsidMenuEditListItem

Protected Member Functions

bool IsEventEnabled (cEvent event)

Protected Attributes

bool Dirty
std::set< cEventenabledEvents
std::queue< cTriggeredEventeventQueue
cPrivate * Private

Static Protected Attributes

static cMutex LockShared

Private Member Functions

cPrivateMenuEditListItemPrivateMenuEditListItem ()

Private Attributes

int max
char * name
char ** strings
char ** tmp_strings
int value


class cOsdServerMenu
class cPrivate
class cPrivateMenuEditListItem
class cServerContext

Detailed Description

Definition at line 283 of file osdobjects.h.

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